My life’s Spring Cleaning Method

My life’s Spring Cleaning Method

Has it ever occurred to you that most of us do our yearly spring cleaning, as far as  getting  rid of the clutter that’s around the house. We get rid of unwanted gadgets, clothes that’s no longer fit or they no longer are any use to us or maybe because they simply gone out of style. Well what do you think of applying this same routine or method to your very own life. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to get rid of your kids and your nagging mother in law.. LOL .

Every year we get into new habits and even some new friends along the way. I know there a few people out there who are comfortable with the way their life is going, and that’s fine, kudos to them . I commend anyone who has it all together, but that doesn’t  mean  that the other half of the minority doesn’t  need a lil advice along the way, sooo, I’m just giving my two cents so to speak. And I’m not a professional but I can only speak from my experiences that has worked for me and may shed some light on someone else’s situation to help them along the way.

We all are adults and have set many goals, most of us have things in life we want to accomplish. We want our kids or parents to be proud of us, so we start off on the journey to make this life work because we all know is that times is not promised to no one. Along the way we end up with a few friends that add little or no value our lives, the activities we engage in, we  could of been doing something more productive if we weren’t in their presence.

This is an example of when you should pull out the stop signs and simply remove that clutter out of your life. Basically all you do is apply your spring cleaning method, you have to understand that you can’t be around people who’s only concern is partying day in and day out and not even trying to make a better life for themselves as far as building up their mind set,  purchasing a new home or even obtaining a higher degree or diploma .

I look at it this way, if your going to be a part of my life, you’re either going to be a great support system where in my low times I can turn to you and receive great advice or your an upstanding role model that I can look up to and say I would love to accomplish or be where you are someday. If your not doing any of the above mentioned then it’s time to minimize the time we spend with each other. Now guys, I’m not a mean person so I won’t say cut them completely off, because believe it or not you can learn from anyone, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that before.

Once you start applying your spring cleaning method to your life, you’ll suddenly start to realize how much more money you’ve saved  from not parting every weekend, and you don’t end up in the ‘’he say she say’’ battles because of the toxic friendships you keep.

So what do you think?  Is this method something that will work for you, I mean we do it every year with many other things as mentioned? Are you ready to spread your wings and fly and be the best you can be.

Know that if you fall or fail in life, don’t see it as a failure but see it as a lesson not to do it that way again.  I’ve come across this short but powerful proverb that I will share with you and it’s also one I applied to my life ever since I came across it. “ Don’t try so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out”. We don’t always have to fit in believe it or not, some folks will just not like you or anything you do. But that’s quite ok because your not here to be liked by everyone, your sole purpose is to be your best self give a helping hand to others along the way. I hope I’ve shed some light that you can apply to your life that may help you along the way.

Remember sharing is caring so if you came across my article and it has made sense to you share it with a friend, know knowing is beautiful and knowledge is power.

Stay blessed and express yourself.

Latoya Ruan

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