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Denicio Wyatte

Welcome to my New improved official website. My Name is Wyatte, born and rise on the beautiful Island Of St Maarten. Currently holding a bachelors Degree in Multimedia Technology, I started to venturing off into Agriculture in 2013. Being inspired by my step father after he planted some sweet peppers in the yard, i was amazed to watch them grow right in my own back yard. Since then I have been on a self nurturing journey into researching and experimenting the best possibilities and approaches to implement Agricultural and Eco tourism development here on St Maarten.

In 2014 I started my own Newsletter Called Cultutral Xpression, a cultural Newsletter printed monthly and distributed over 50 different locations Island wide. The focus of the newsletter is to continue sharing my findings within the sectors of, Culture, Agriculture, Community development, Arts, Health, Entertainment, Tourism Business and Sports. All from a local to global to local perspective..

Seeing that agriculture may play one of the greatest roles in boosting back up our economy today, I also started the St Peters Community Garden Research and Development Center where i will be dedicated to the continuation of Researching, Experimenting and Building awareness with hopes that one day it will have a positive outcome on building up our local Food Security Network, Help decrease and eliminate hunger and Poverty, Decrease crime, Create employment within the Agriculture \ Eco Tourism Sectors and Accepted within the educational system so that youngsters today may get a chance to carry on our teachings and efforts while feeling proud about themselves and their achievements tomorrow..

Join me on My journey as we venture into St Maarten Agriculture.. One Love

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