Cultural Xpression March 2017 – Exclusive Interview with Da Lion

Cultural Xpression March 2017 – Exclusive Interview with Da Lion

With carnival right around the corner, more and more local artist str to get prepared for one of St Maarten Biggest Soca Competitions ‘’ Soca Rumble’’. As it seems to get more and more interesting every year as more local artist are turning up their approach and game plan towards getting the crown. This year joining the soca band wagon is locally know reggae Artist Junior Lion now taking it to the next level with the new stage name as ‘’Da Lion aka  Ehi Meketre’’. Da Lion brings a new blend of African ambiance to caribbean soca with his new single I Appreciate. With so much great artist touching the Stage this year for Soca Rumble, it leaves the whole St Maarten in great enthusiasm to see if King Vers will guard his throne or who will be the Soca Rumble King .   

As the industry for local music grows , Cultural Xpression always finds it necessary to hear a bit more from our local artist, what they have been up to and their plans toward progress for their careers. This month we take great pleasure in bringing you front and center with up coming Soca Rumble artist ‘’Da Lion’’.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Pre Carnival and Carnival 2017 season…


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