Cultural Xpression November 2017 Edition

Cultural Xpression would like to wish everyone a strong recovery after the passing of Hurricane Irma. Although the hurricane has displaced many of us and our loved ones, she has never the less places us on grounds for new beginnings, new opportunities and a chance once again to start a clean slate with one self. Time restructure goals and priorities so you may be able to progress forward without to many obstacles. Stay focus, maintain respect, keep your health up to date and know that better times will come once you work towards it. No Matter what we go through St Maarten, We remain #Strong!

In September 2017 Hurricane Irma brought destruction to our beautiful island. It reaped havoc on our countries infrastructure, economy , educational system, working class, people it self and over all, it displaced the current direction of our sitting government.
Despite the destruction that came with Irma, she left us with a few great opportunities that many still fail to see. Irma brought us a chance to unite, a chance to share our thoughts and visions , a chance to begin again and this time to do it right based on what she has taught us encountering the brief experience of her presence.

I promised myself that I won’t go into the blame game or try to outline what most of us already know has not been done for recovery efforts for our country, nor would I elaborate about the way our government went about things before they realized that we are faced with a situation that bypasses their personal agendas by miles.

Instead over the next few editions of Cultural Xpression Newsmagazine I will try to shine some hope, some light and some direction on what I think we as the people should start to direct our energy toward if we want to truly see changes in our country.

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