Raccoon’s on St Maarten – Check out these beautiful photos of wild life on the Rock

St Maarten is filled with wild animals, some not so welcomed by our local farmers, some we don’t even know of until we get a chance to see them face to face. We got a chance to get a glimpse of a wild raccoon that was found in the garden at Hillside adventure which is owned by Agriculturalist Mr Joslyn Richardson. It was caught by one of the workers in the garden and taken to a friends house where it was placed in a cage for further observation. The guys are still deciding whether they will release it back into the wild with concerns to the damages it causes along with the other local wild animal when it comes to farm land. The question will always remain , How did these animals get here or where they here from a long time ago. Please leave a response below if you have any additional information you would like to share on this matter on where they came from…


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