Drained – by Latoya Ruan

Drained – by Latoya Ruan

That feeling you get like the last breath is about to escape your body from being hurt by the ones you love, I’m Drained.

Constantly being put to the test by experiences at work or folks just walking over you and just wondering why this is happening to me. I’m drained.

Bills stacking up and rent is past due, your paycheck comes and you have not the slightest clue of where to begin or even start,  feels like your life is ending or even falling apart. I’m drained.

The devil is coming out in full force and he sees you breaking down, you feel like giving up and simply falling to the ground. But, the god I serve is merciful and won’t allow me to fail. But I still feel hurt and still feel like….I’m drained.

Troubles will always follow where we seem to go, especially when we try to build ourselves up to grow. The devil is a liar and that’s all he will always be, for my god has always thought me to let my feeling be free.

Though you may be hurting and feeling like your at your worst, strive to always be better and pray away your hurt. Jesus paid it all and didn’t do it for only me, and when I say am drained I’m simply saying I’m free.

For he washed away my hurt, my sorrows and my pain, flushed away my worries so I no longer feel the same. No longer am I stressed and I can surely keep the faith. My god has taken care of me and so yes I am completely drained!!

Written by latoya Ruan 23 apr 2013

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