2017 Auld Lang Syne

2017 Auld Lang Syne


We have approached a new year and I’m oh so grateful to be here. Last year’s worries no longer exist and to my future I’m surely not going to miss. Nothing that is meant for me will pass me by for I’m wiser than the past year… For Auld Lang Syne

No extravagant New Years resolutions, just simply making better choices. And if that means cutting a few off I’m ok with that decision. For I’m no longer worried about pleasing others, but more about pleasing me , and if you here to ride along with me you’ll  be here for all eternity..  For Auld Lang Syne

If anything my past has thought me and I should share with you is to not let this world we live in get the best of you. You have to roll with the punches and get up when you get knocked down. For the kings and queens we’re born to be, we always have to straighten our crown..For Auld Lang Syne

No time to hold on to the past grudges if you want to press forward and be free. You have to release yourself from all that pain and I’m sure you’ll all agree. Holding on to hurt only brings you pain, that can hold you back from your future’s gain. So it might be hard but it’s got to be done, so swallow your pride and forgive someone… For Auld Lang Syne

So your mind and thoughts are entwined and your spirit is soaring free.. for you’ve learned how to forgive and forget and be the person God called you to be. Committed and your soul is dedicated to his daily spiritual word, and you’re spreading his good news gospel at home and joy all over the world. For Auld Lang Syne

For Auld Lang Syne they’ll sing out loud an old Scottish tune , which simply means let go and forgive even those who’ve hurt and wronged you..So you’ll walk towards the new year with hope and forgiving mind that’s free, and receive all the blessings that god has stowed away for thee . And You’ll begin your journey as you walk steadfast in 2017, for Auld Lang Syne you’ll sing out loud as you say goodbye to 2016…For Auld Lang Syne

Written by Latoya Ruan 1Jan 2017

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