Tomorrow’s AUC Community Action Day at St Peters Community Garden

Tomorrow’s AUC Community Action Day at St Peters Community Garden


Please take note of the following important information about tomorrow’s AUC Community Action Day.

We are also welcoming other volunteers from St Peters and surrounding communities to come out and enjoy a well productive day along with Tzu Chi Foundation, the students of the ACU and Spaceless Gardens.

We Would love to see you all at this community event.

The venue for the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) School of Medicine Community Action Day scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, October 17, from 9:00am sharp to 1:00pm, has been changed from the Tzu Chi Foundation to St. Peters.

The volunteer event will now be held at the St. Peters Community Garden, which is located next to the Hillside Christian School in St. Peters. Volunteers will help with the clean up and green house construction for the development of the St Peters Community Garden.

A total of 13 AUC volunteers will participate in the exercise. The clean up will be from 9am sharp to 12:30pm, at which time lunch will be served and a sharing will be done. Ms Sandra Cheung of The Tzu Chi Foundation will provide snacks and lunch all Vegan based. There will be ample water and Ice Tea made from fresh herbs from Wyatte’s home Garden to keep everyone hydrated.

Tzu Chi volunteers, who are participating in the exercise will assemble at the Tzu Chi Foundation office at 8:30am -sharp and together head to the location.

AUC volunteers will be kindly asked to meet at the Hillside Christian School to be led to the location of the volunteer effort.

There are four areas that AUC students and Tzu Chi volunteers will work on for the Community Action Day: The four areas are:

(1)Green house construction: Completing the wood construction and roofing of the green house (Group leader is Denicio’s father assisted by a Tzu Chi volunteer)

(2) Farming area ground preparation: Removing all rock and grass from potential crop areas (Group leader is Denicio’s uncle assisted by a Tzu Chi volunteer)

(3) Painting: Painting of palette fence and green house water sealing (Group leader to be appointed)

(4) General Clean up: Removing unwanted grass, weeds and pruning and beautification of the surrounding fruit trees (Group leader is Denicio assisted by a Tzu Chi volunteer)

Note: All volunteers are asked to kindly wear strong covered footwear and long pants and proper tops to protect skin from poison ivy, “stinging nettle” and other scrubs.

Please also walk with items such as hats and sunscreen to protect yourself from the elements of the weather as well as gloves, if you have any.

The green house construction area covers a 4,000sq meter span (1 acre). The focus at the community garden is to be able to create a model version of the First St Maarten Agricultural Station, where members from the surrounding communities can go to get vital information, help and items pertaining to agriculture and community back yard garden development.

Community volunteers will also have an opportunity to purchase a Vegan meal ticket for next Friday and Saturday support the All Children Education’s Foundation Meatless Month fundraising which process will go towards helping a  a child’s school fee to be paid.

Menu for next Friday Oct 24 and Saturday Oct 25, 2015 are:

Friday Oct 24

Veggie tuna Sanwich, Eggless Cup Cake and a Fresh home made Juice

Pick Up Between 6:30am and 6:30pm

Saturday Oct 25, 2015

Veggie Burger, Eggless Cup Cake and a Fresh home made Juice

Pick Up Between 6:30am and 11:30pm

Food can be pick up at Cake House at the above mentioned time and dates. Ticket cost just six dollars. Hope to see you all tomorrow.


Tzu Chi, AUC support St. Peters Community Garden

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