Introducing The St Maarten Agriculture Private Investors Club

Spaceless Gardens will be launching a program to stimulate agricultural production on the island.

The agriculture sector on St. Maarten has been neglected over the past 60 years. During the development of our tourism industry this sector was considered not viable and not important anymore since the tourism economy seems to provide a faster and easier income. We basically moved away from being able to feed ourselves to being totally dependent on overpriced, expired imported foods. Most times these imported foods are of low quality or have been in storage to long by time they go on our supermarket shelves.

Today because of world economy, we are faced with constant rise for imported food, and as world population grows there is more demand for food. Not only that, but with all the genetic modification that is going on, to boost food production, we cannot trust our health to only imported foods.

Today St. Maarten has one of the most vibrant tourism economies in the Caribbean and we don’t produce anything that they consume, not even craft. Agriculture is very viable as a business on St. Maarten and we should develop this sector so our youths can take advantage of this as business ventures.

We urgently need to preserve whatever good flat land is left for future agricultural opportunities.

We would partner with anyone who has the capability to make a financial investment or owns a parcel of land 1000 sq meters or more in a commercial agricultural venture.

This partnership would be 50/50.

The land owner will be responsible for the following;

  • Clearing of land to be used.
  • Fencing of land.
  • Security of project.
  • Ground preparation.
  • Water supply.

Spaceless Gardens will be responsible for the following;

  • Supply of seedlings.
  • Set up of irrigation system
  • Manage the project sustainability. (disease and insect control)
  • Grading and marketing of produce.

This partnership is expected to last for one year after which the project is turn over to the land owner. We will still be involved with the project as to ensure its continuity and success.

This is a sample of what you can from a 1000 sq meter plot.

In this sample we are planting 15000 sweet pepper trees . These seedlings will be grown in a professional production chamber, and will be transplanted at 3-4 weeks old. This means that they would only have to be in the ground for 8 weeks before the first harvest. These plants will have the potentials to produce over the next 3 months and should produce about 4 lbs per plant. The retail market price today is about $2,-/per lbs. Over a period of 5 months this project can turn over about $ 12,000.-

Imagine if you should do this on 1 acre of land.

We invite you to be a part of St.Maarten agriculture food sustainability network that is geared towards; educating, building awareness and self esteem, creating job and new possibilities of income, reinstating cultural values and food security.

For more information on the St Maarten Agriculture Private Investors Club or details on how to sign up and be a part of the change, please contact:

Mr Denicio Wyatte


Tel: 721 – 553 – 6300

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