Hiking with St Maarten Hillside Adventures

This morning the trip was an amazing one, Agriculturalist Mr Joslyn Richardson took us and 35 kids and a mixture of adults on  his amazing Eco -Hike. On the trail up through his eco – farm / park,  we were amazed to to see the natural beauty that St Maarten has to offer. We saw first hand how food development here on  our island is possible, we saw fish, turtles, Chickens  a mixture of  herbs such as thyme, parseley, scallion, peppers ct , we saw fruit , mango’s, papaya, kinip, coconut, ect  and we saw beauty first hand

With the amazing hill side view of Anguilla and  French / Dutch St Maarten you had no choice but to fall in love with the moment. Our thirst were quenched with natural bush tea and hunger with a few raisin buns which did us well after our amazing journey. Our thank goes out to Agriculturalist Mr Joslyn Richardson and the teachers and kids of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

We have some more amazing photos and a bit of video footage that we captured of our trip which we will be posting shortly. So keep checking back here at  stmaartenagriculture.com  for the update on the hiking trip and continue to show your support to agriculture development here on St Maarten / St Martin.

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