Backpack relief goods for St Maarten Irma Hurricane victims

Mr Wyatte of Spaceless Gardens, Ms Enmore of The Backpack Project
International organization Act & Pack has teamed up with local community organizations and community leaders on St Maarten to offer their effort in delivering relief goods to the island for the community members that are still in need of basic necessities. Community leaders Mr Wyatte of Spaceless Gardens and Mr Wilson of Gifted Foundation have offered their assistance towards securing and distribution of these items to surrounding community members. The relief items consist of a variety of non perishable goods, basic personal clothing, toiletries and personal care items emergency essentials , clothes, medical supplies, diapers, cleaning items and 75 backpacks with basic care items.The items are scheduled to arrive in the last week of Nov 2017.

Members of the surrounding community that may know friends, neighbors, single parents or elderly persons that may be in need of these basic items are urged to contact Spaceless Gardens on FB, Mr Wyatte (5276709) or Mr Wilson (5877533) and they’ll assist as best as they can to get to the community members in need of these items in a timely manner.

Mr Wyatte of Spaceless Gardens, Ms Enmore of Backpack Project and Mr Wilson of Gifted Hands Foundation stand outside St Peters Community Center

Spaceless Gardens would like to thank Ms Melissa Enmore, Ms Shereen Ashman-Henderson and everyone that was involved in the St Maarten Hurricane Relief Act and Pack Back Pack Project all the way in Canada and The USA. We would also like to thank Ms Connie Fransis Gumbs of the St Peters Community Center for allowing us temporary storage of these items until our facility at the St Peters Community Garden is back up and running.. On behalf of the community members of St Maarten, We thank you all.

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