32nd Annual World Food Day – Sharing the celebration

WFD_Poster_contest_winner_1.jpgWelcome to World Food Day 2013!

Today, we celebrate the achievements made toward food security and the work that must continue to finally end world hunger. We join together, as one movement, to raise awareness of the unequal access to food and production resources that permeate across our current food systems. Above all else, we work in solidarity to create and spread the political will that promises nutritious food for everyone, everywhere.

This year, we concentrate our efforts under the theme: “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition.” To live in a world free of hunger, we must create food systems that ensure a plentiful supply of nutritious food with minimal impact on our environment. Our food systems must consider sustainability in every step of the supply chain: from production to processing, transportation to retail, and consumption to post-consumption waste. Without a focus on sustainability, our food system may not produce the healthy, nutritious food that we all deserve and that our children deserve, too! If you would like to learn more about this year’s theme, be sure to read the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’sinformation note on this year’s theme and to visit the LEARN page.

Raising awareness for #WFD2013 could not be done without the continued help and support of our partner organizations and your grassroots activism. Together, we have rallied to raise awareness and spread the word: we can end hunger. On behalf of the Food and Agriculture Organization, I thank you for your inspiring efforts this World Food Day and encourage you to continue the campaign for food security.

#Hungerto Inspire

For inspiration this World Food Day, consult the collection of essays in the PERSPECTIVES series for engaging discussion of the #WFD2013 theme by various experts and thought-leaders in the food movement.

In addition, all readers are welcome to explore the colorful and talented submissions by kids and teens for the World Food Day poster contest.  The winning posters represent the diverse aspects of this year’s theme as presented by children across the world.

#Hunger to Do More?

Though World Food Day is just one day,  hunger awareness events will continue in the coming weeks. If you #hungerto do even more, check out the ACT page for innovative ideas!  Get connected to these organizations to continue the movement year round.

Once again, I thank you for supporting World Food Day 2013. http://www.worldfooddayusa.org/blog


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